In this category you can find our high quality molar bands with double tube and cleat! We offer both size versions currently used on the market: Size system 4-36 and size system 1-32. Please choose your size system to make our bands fully interchangable with your currently used bands!

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Molar Bands M (System 28-44)


Molar Bands M-Series (Size System 28-44) with Cleat and MBT* Buccal TubesSlot .022"MBT* prescriptionSize System 28-44 (compatible with 3M Unitek bands)Band 16 and 26 with double-tube (square and round tube)Band 26 and 36 with single-tube (round tube) Package: 1 set of 4 bands (distributed by quadrant for tooth 16, 26, 36, 46)