1. Where are the products manufactured?

Mostly in China - like 90,6% of all high quality computers worldwide, 80% of all lightning equipment, 70,6% of all smartphones and many more products of your daily consumer and professional demand.

2. Is it legal?

Yes! All of our manufactures were certified with the CE certification for medical products. The CE certification grants the safe and legal use of our medical products in the European Union.

3. How is the quality?

Our products are of very high quality! All manufactures were hand selected locally by us and all products were tested in real life treatments with our partner doctors in German dental offices before we added them to our shop. As a matter of fact, a lot of brackets, bands and wires you already use in your practice are manufactured by the same manufactures we buy from. A lot of European and US dental suppliers buy from the very same manufactures but buy the products as so called "white label" solutions. A white label product can be used to rebrand the products with your own logo and sell the products under your own brand name for inflated prices. We don´t do that. We are a sole online shop and only sell original products from the original manufactures for as as low as possible prices. 

4. Why are you cheaper than most other dental stores?

We can sell for very competitive prices because we only concentrate on the basic orthodontic sortiment and therefore are able to negotiate high volume bulk orders with our manufactures. As a sole online shop we save costs on catalog printing, don´t employ sales representatives, don´t attend trade shows and as mentioned above don´t rebrand the products.