Cosmetic Brackets

In this category you can find our cosmetic tooth colored orthodontic brackets. Please choose between our standard cosmetic bracket-range and our self-ligating ceramic and cosmetic composite brackets!

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  • Bracket Prescription: Roth

Noble Ceramic Bracket

75,80 €

Advanced high quality ceramic bracket with metal slotSlot .022"Roth or MBT* Prescription3 with HookLow friction comparable to a metal bracketMade using fine-grained ceramic material 1 set with 20 brackets (5-5)

Sapphire Bracket

119,00 €

Ultra clear sapphire bracketSlot .022"Roth or MBT* Prescription3,4,5 with HookMade of Mono-crystalline sapphire 1 set with 20 brackets (5-5)

Ceramic SL (selfligating)

169,80 €

Advanced high quality self-ligating ceramic bracketSlot .022"Roth or MBT* prescription3,4,5 with HookAttractive white appearance 1 set with 20 brackets (5-5)