In this category you can find our high quality orthodontic wires. We offer stainless steel archwires, superelastic NiTi archwires, heat activated archwires, reverse curve archwires and tooth colored coated NiTi archwires!

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NiTi Archwires

3,90 €

Superelastic NiTi archwires (Nickel Titanium)Universal Ovoid ShapeExerting light continuous forces over long periods of timeSmooth bright finishLowering bracket friction and accelerating tooth movementEtched centermark Package: 10 archwires

Heat Activated NiTi Archwires

5,90 €

Heat activated superelastic NiTi archwires (Nickel Titanium)Universal Ovoid ShapeBody-Heat-Activated Nickel Titanium (ca 37°)Extremely easy to ligate with lower ligating forcesTransforms to a super elastic state inside the mouthOffering gentle continuous tooth-moving forceEtched centermark Package: 10 archwires

Reverse Curve NiTi Archwires

17,90 €

Superelastic NiTi reverse curve archwires (Nickel Titanium)Nickel-titanium alloyBest to open and close bites, level arches, consolidate spaces and correct molar rotationsProtrusion of the front teethUniversal FormPermanent lasered center mark Package: 10 archwires

Coated NiTi Archwires

29,90 €

Superelastic tooth colored NiTi archwires (Nickel Titanium)Perfect aestheticsDurable coatingNo discolorationLow frictionPermanent lasered center mark Package: 10 archwires

Kobayashi Ties (Short)

13,95 €

Stainless Steel Kobayashi ligature ties (short).012" Stainless Steel ligature wireDiameter 0.30mmHigh quality preformed ties for easy tying Package: 100 Kobayashi ligature ties

Closed Coil Springs with Eyelets

19,95 €

Nickel Titanium Closed Coil Springs with Eyelets, 12 mmConstant tensile strengthProvide a predictable, smooth power during treatmentSpring proportion of superelastic nickel-titanium alloyStainless steel eyelets for easy attachment (inner diameter: 1.32 mm) Package: 10 Coil springs