In this category you can find our high quality orthodontic elastomerics, like elastic ligatures, separators, elastic chains and intraoral elastics.

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Elastic Separators

13,95 €

Elastomeric Separators, blueFor use with a Separating PlierHigh tensile strengthStrong with a high resistance to tearingEasy insertion into tight contacts Package: 720 Elastomeric Separators

Elastomeric Power Chain

12,95 €

Elastomeric Power Chain (Closed)Highly durable and good elasticityNo swellingEasy to mountLength 4,5 meter Package: 1 power chain on spool

Elastic Ligatures

12,95 €

Elastic ligatures in modern neon colorsHighly durableNo swellingEasy to ligate26 ligature ties per stickModern neon colors or cosmetic colors like white, transparent or tooth coloredColor stable Package: 1008 elastic ligatures